Non Caustic


Non Corrosive


The Purple Stuff

The Purple Stuff

Industrial Degreaser

The Purple Stuff is the perfect solution to any cleanup job you need! The cleaning power is unmatched and the best part is, this cleaning solution is Non-Caustic, has No VOCs, and is NOT Corrosive.


  • Vehicle Cleaning

  • Engine Cleaning

  • Boat Cleaning
  • Rig Cleaning
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Engineering Cleaning
  • All-Purpose Cleaning

What Is It And How Does It Help?

The Purple Stuff is an optimized, biodegradable, zero VOC surfactant blend of alcohol ethoxylate and cationic surfactants, intended to be used for water based degreasing.

Due to the efficient cleaning effect on organic soils, such as grease and oil, a cleaner such as The Purple Stuff can often replace a solvent.

The cleaning effect will often be much better than with conventional products, particularly when an oily soil contains a lot of soot and pigments.

A water based alkaline cleaner based on The Purple Stuff and appropriate complexing agent can be viewed as a great improvement compared with conventional alkaline cleaners.

The Purple Stuff also has a degreasing effect in acid conditions. A cleaner based on The Purple Stuff can be used in most application equipment including high pressure.

The Purple Stuff can be the cost-effective way to achieve cleaner surfaces.